Metallyticus splendidus

Metallyticus splendidus is one of the most amazing mantis species. It’s black with a very colorfull and shiny body. This mantis species lives on the ground and occurs in South East Asia.

This is not the usual page full of information how to raise or take care of this mantis species Metallyticus splendidus. This mantis species is very rare and I cannot tell you how to raise it, because I have not been able to get a hold of one of these. I did not want to withhold these pictures made by Dutch photographer Pim Brands.


Metallyticus splendidus nymph


Metallyticus splendidus adult


Metallyticus splendidus nymph


Metallyticus splendidus adult seen from the top


Metallyticus splendidus praying mantis nymph

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