General care

Every species of insects requires specific care, depending on its natural habitat. To find out what care the species of your choice really needs, please check out the caresheet for that species.

Of course all insects need roughly the same kind of care; they need an enclosure, warmth, humidity and food. The “General Care” pages of this website are designed to introduce you to the art of creating the perfect circumstances for your insect pets.

This website has the following general care topics:

Enclosure / Housing – All about proper housing for your insects
Temperature – On how to maintain a good temperature for your insects
Humidity – On how to maintain a good air humidity for your pet insects
Food Plants – Page with pictures of common food plants
Live food – Page with pictures and info for common feeder insects

A praying mantis - Dead Leaf Mantis

Idolomantis diabolica young nymph

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