Why keep bugs?

“Why would anyone keep insects and other invertebrates as pets?” you might ask. To me that is an easy question: I love the beautiful, strange shape of insects, their colors, diversity, unusual behavior and interesting life cycle. And luckily, many other people all over the world discover the fun in keeping insects as pets! In Europe, the United States and Japan many people keep en breed insects, helping to bring more knowledge and more species available.

Invertebrates such as praying mantids and stick insects are fascinating and quite practical pets. They come in beautiful shapes and colors and show particular behavior. It is fascinating to see the animals hunt, grow, molt, lay eggs and see their methods of camouflage and defense. An additional practical advantage, is their modest requirements for housing, care and food. Compared to common pets like cats, dogs, rodents and birds they require less time and space. They are also harmless, allergy-free and their food is less expensive than the food of most commons pets. All this makes them an increasingly popular group of animals to keep as pets, for young and old people alike!

A beautiful pink and white praying mantis - Orchid Mantis

A leaf insect - Phyllium sp. phillipines

A Thistle Mantis in defence pose

A caterpillar

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